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Sendi Garments Co., Ltd. is a branch company established by Dongguan Jinsen Hat Company. It was established in June 2018 and is located in Junjian Industrial Park, Majia Township, Dazhou City, Sichuan Province. The factory covers an area of 2,100 square meters and the initial investment amount is 500. With an annual output value of 800,000 pieces of hats, it is a medium and large-scale hat-making enterprise integrating design, procurement, development, production and sales. The main products are all kinds of popular baseball caps, empty top hats, sun hats, fisherman hats, etc. The main customers are the popular brands of China and South Korea, and the products are sold to the first-tier cities in the Mainland. It is affiliated to Dongguan City Mouse Rabbit Clothing Co., Ltd. The company is located in Shipai Town, Dongguan City, the capital of China's hats.

Quality management, quality assurance - full participation

Our aim is to present our customers with quality hats that are value for money. Employees go to the next level, go for the same goal, and become the hat brand chosen by customers, and strive to reach the world and occupy a seat in international brands.

In order to uphold the principle of quality first, we have established a professional quality testing center to ensure the quality of our products. Before shipment, the product has been tested several times. The testing range includes dimensions, flame resistance, chemicals, nickel, pilling, salt drift and chlorine bleaching, washing and pH testing to ensure safe use.


Our research and design department plans for major trends one year ahead of the curve, keeping up with the trend of the future and catering to customer requirements. In addition, we often conduct market research, analysis and observation, so that the theme, color, fabric and shape design adopted every season are close to the market demand, and we also hire professional designers from all over the world to design and manufacture various products of the company. . Every quarter, we also implement the company's basic philosophy - to present "a good value for money", to meet customer expectations and to win appreciation.

Each product line is created by a task force to create a variety of styles. Each team member has expertise in the series. At the time of planning, we value and analyze customer responses and collect data from different sources.

Remarks: The annual sales amount of Dongguan company is 10-15 million, the annual output value is 800,000-900,000 pieces, and the tax revenue is about 1.2 million.

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