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  • Senti quality fabric selection

    Anti-wrinkle, anti-pilling, international standard color fastness, environmental dyeing; a variety of fabrics, in line with international multi-detection requirements, safe and secure.

    Ordinary manufacturer hat fabric casual choice

    It is easy to get rid of the ball, lose color, smell, and cause skin irritation when worn.
  • Senti uses international standard wiring

    8 inches per inch, the hat line is smooth, after professional design, the sewing thread is fine and neat, making the hat more comfortable, more durable and more beautiful.

    Ordinary hat factory hat line angle production at random

    The sewing thread is sparse and thick, easy to break the line and easy to wear, and it is difficult to fit various head types.
  • Senti hat logo design is exquisite

    The use of imported printing machines, embroidery machines, exquisite embroidery, to ensure that each pattern is exquisite and clear, enhance the brand image.

    Ordinary hat logo pattern rough

    The logo pattern on the ordinary hat is rough, jumper, missing needle, twisted and twisted; the printing is ambiguous, and it is difficult to meet the high quality requirements of the brand.
  • Fashionable and novel, exquisite workmanship

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