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How to choose the fisherman's hat that suits you?

Speaking of hats, most people think of baseball caps, berets or small top hats, but many stars have chosen this fisherman hat. Because it not only can control different styles in matching, but also its natural unfolded trapezoidal hat and softer texture can modify the face. Next, the hat factory teaches everyone how to choose the fisherman hat that suits you.

1. The fisherman's hat gives people a feeling of being more casual. The biggest feature is that the top of the hat is relatively wide, and the brim is also slightly distracted and trapezoidal. The top of the hat in the fisherman's hat is usually flat top and dome; the shape of the flat top is like a flower pot or a water basin; and the contour of the flat top is more stereoscopic, for the big-faced girls, Play a very good decoration effect. The fisherman's hat of the dome is round and good, but it lacks some three-dimensionality, especially the part of the head. It is easy to cover the top of the head. It is not suitable for girls with round heads or overweight faces. of.

2. In addition to the top of the hat, the fisherman's hat is also designed differently on the brim, which can be divided into two types: wide and narrow. The wide-bodied can cover most of the contours of the face and provide a good sun protection effect in sunny weather. And for the big-faced girls, they can quietly cover the excess and modify the face. The narrow fisherman's hat doesn't know the girl with a big face, not only does not modify the face, but also exposes the face of the pie. The girl with a small face is very suitable, the small and chic narrow, can reduce the age and tenderness, with bright colors and some more individual elements, it is eye-catching.

3, the emergence of embroidery elements, breaking the dull and monotonous of the fisherman's hat. The hats are embellished with some fun text prints, which makes it easier to release the young people's publicity. Words and letters are the most expressive way of embroidering in the fisherman's hat. If you prefer the literary retro style, you can choose relatively simple logo embroidery. If you prefer street style, you can choose some more interesting patterns. .

4, the printing element can directly highlight the personality color. The printing is more diversified in the fisherman's hat, such as some abstract art prints, as well as cartoon prints of youth ageing, as well as plaid stripes, etc., and the style of expression is also different. For girls who like to express their individuality, they can choose some abstract and interesting prints, while the plaid prints are more suitable for girls who prefer the retro style.

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