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What production process does the hat have to go through?

What manufacturing process is required for the hat factory hat:

1, the sample workshop

(1) Before batch processing and production of hats, the hat manufacturer's sample workshop staff will customize the hat samples according to the samples or drawings provided.

(2) Or according to the customer's needs, professional design, professional paper samples, professional proofing, to make 3-5 hat samples for customers, to see whether the hat buyers are satisfied, and then batch processing and production of hats.

(3) The layout workshop has high requirements for employees. The design, plate making, cutting, sewing, embroidering, printing, ironing, grinding and other processes need to be proficient. Generally, they are skilled workers who have chosen many years of hat making experience. Provide customers with quality hat samples for 5 days.

2, cutting workshop

(1) Cutting: The cutting staff selects fabrics, color cards, knife molds according to the order requirements, arranges the fabric broaching machine and estimates the number of knives for the batch of fabrics, and cuts them into pieces with a press.

(2) Eye-catching: According to the customer's order requirements, select different models to make holes with a hole puncher.

(3) Top buckle cloth: According to the size required by the button, select the corner fabric and tie the top buckle cloth with the top tie machine.

(4) Ironing lining: According to the order, select the soft lining and attach the cap and lining together with a lining machine.

(5) Tape: According to the size of the various buckles and the width of the tape, select the trimming material to cut the cloth with a cloth cutting machine.

3, embroidered eye workshop

The eye-drawing process is performed on the cap piece after the eye-catching with a numerically controlled sewing machine.

4, sewing workshop

(1) Before paying the front page, pay the front page. When the face is pressed, the side of the shoulder is short, and the right side is the right side, that is, the shoulder side.

(2) After the post-payment is aligned, the middle page is pressed. On the reverse side, there is a shoulder on one side, that is, the left side is short, and the upper side without pressure is the right side.

(3) The double front page and the double needle net are selected to be sewn with a sewing machine of the same color.

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