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How do you match the top hat, you know?

Many girls like to wear a top hat, a top hat can make you look more unique, but also a good piece of temperament. However, it is also crucial to choose a top hat. Nowadays, the style of the small hat is varied and there are many different styles. Whether it is casual or ladylike, the top hat can be performed perfectly. Today, the hat factory teaches everyone how to choose the hat that suits you.

1, shopping

Usually, when I go shopping with a male ticket, I often hit a shirt with other women. Wear a hat and dress up, definitely let you be full of personality, eye-catching.

2, party

How to dress up with sisters Amoy? Choose a retro-style hat, it will make you a fashion queen at the party.

3. Business occasions

You can also wear a small top hat in business occasions. The small hat is the social hat that is active in all major business occasions. A thick hat will make your formal dress look quite stylish.

The top hat is generally divided into four parts: a cap, a hat, a cap and a sweatband. If the hat is not properly maintained, the hat is easily deformed. Then, what should the hat be deformed?

1, hot water

This method may not be easy to use, but MM can try it, for example, put the boiling water into a plastic container, and then put a deformed hat on the container, wait for boiling water for 10 minutes, and the deformation will be slightly expanded. Get up and keep touching your hat for a day to improve your results.

2, hot with a steam iron

Sprinkle some water on the top hat, then use the cloth strip to fill the hat, then use a steam iron to iron the surface of the hat, and the deformation will be greatly improved.

3, with a hat to support the hat type

The hat support is an auxiliary tool to prevent the deformation of the top hat. If it is deformed, use the hat support to hold the hat for a few days. After a few days, there must be a surprise waiting for you.

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